12 Nov 2020

Let's talk about useful updates that have become available in CARRO.Business recently. So that they do not go unnoticed, we will describe them in detail below:

Section “Tires and wheels”

The work with tires and disks has been moved to a new section, with which you can describe the properties of tires and disks in more detail and search by the required parameters. All products from this section will be automatically included in the main import unloading to the sites.

Also, the section has already appeared in the Android and IOS application.

Section “Finance”

Added the first version of the "Finance" section. This section is only available to users with “Full control (owner)” rights.

With this section you will be able to:

Evaluate the performance of your company over a certain period of time

Keep records of expenses such as rent of premises, wages, purchase of equipment, etc.

The section also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee: take into account his sales and returns.

Track the effectiveness of the advertising platform. For example, you can create the “Avito” tag, this tag will be available when making a sale, as well as when adding an expense item. Thus, by marking all sales from this site with this tag and writing down the cost of placement on this site as an expense, it will be possible to easily track its effectiveness in the form of spending on the site / income from it.

Statistics on the number of added spare parts by employee

The update introduced the ability to view the number of spare parts added to the system for a certain period. To view it, you need to go to the “Users” section. Go to the required employee, select the date range on the page, and the system will provide you with the total number and list of spare parts added for this period.

Changes in the search filter for spare parts

In the additional search parameters, it became possible to filter spare parts by such parameters as “Without price”, “Without photo”, “Without car kit”, “Photo with watermarks”. And also set the number of lines in the output (now 10 lines are displayed by the standard). For information on how to store values in a filter, see the documentation at https://carrobiz.com/en/docs/questions/listview-and-s...

When placing a sale, tags appeared, they will help you track the effectiveness of sites, as well as mark some sales with a tag for a more convenient search for sales. Also appeared the type of calculation "Cash" and "Non-cash".

Tag data can be used on the “Finance” page in order to compile the necessary report on the site.

Mobile app changes

The speed of loading images is increased by an average of 4 times. Now, when uploading a photo to a spare part, the images will load quickly even with poor internet.

On Android devices, the ability to select images from Google Photos is now available.

A new section “Tires and wheels” has appeared, now you can work with them through the application.

Added the ability to quickly search by part number.

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