05 Oct 2022

To access control of CARRO.Business after registration, you need to enter the basic company data in the settings.

Key company information

First choose whether you want to register as a natural person or a legal entity. For legal entities: Enter the company name and basic information about the legal entity or PE in the basic information box. This data will be used for further document flow between your company and the CARRO.Business system.

Is there any difference in using the system as a natural person and a legal entity?

Both natural and legal persons will be able to use all functions available. The only difference is that for an account registered as a natural person, the option of printing accompanying sales documents will be limited. The limitations include receipts and a contract for the buyer.

Setting the accounting currency

Set the required currency for the accounting database (adding spare parts, statistics, etc.). Once you have chosen an accounting currency, you can set the required default exchange rate for converting the main accounting currency to other currencies. You may leave these fields unfilled. If you do, the conversion rate will be updated automatically based on the data from www.currencyconverterapi.com.

Note: The conversion rate data will be used during uploads to advertising platforms. You can, for instance, keep accounts in USD, but put the price on Avito in Russian rubles.

Setting the payment currency

Note: The payment currency of the CARRO.Business system is set up once; you will not be able to change the payment currency thereafter. The payment currency is the currency of mutual settlements between your company and Sole proprietor Kulevich M.A. This is the currency in which you will receive invoices for payment, certificates of completion, and billings.

Phone numbers

Specify the company's primary phone numbers. They will later be required to create automatic uploads to advertising platforms.