17 Jul 2022

How to upload my spare parts to CARRO.by, if I already use CARRO.Business?

Step 1

To upload parts to CARRO, go to the “Export” section, find CARRO.by in the list of platforms and then click on the icon next to it. The CARRO.Business system will generate a link for uploading parts. The link will become available in a short time.

Step 2

Go to the https://carro.by/account/signup registration page and enter your information. After registration, click “Place an advertisement” and register as a legal entity. In the next step, also fill in the company details and the location of the warehouse.

Step 3

Once the registration is complete, go to the “Import” section and click “Upload a new price list”.

Step 4

Copy the generated link to auto-upload from the “Export” section of CARRO.Business and paste it into the appropriate field on CARRO. Then click “Upload file”. After that, the system will put the upload in line, and the parts will appear on CARRO.

Are you engaged in sale of spare parts? You can find new buyers by placing advertisements on CARRO.by. Since the aggregator ensures the safety of transactions, most car owners in Belarus have confidence in it. To speed up the uploading of items to the website, you should use the CARRO.Business service.

Learn more about CARRO

CARRO is an online aggregator of advertisements containing spare parts from the largest auto dismantlers. Although the service was launched in 2018, it has managed to earn the trust of car owners, who purchase accessories both through the website and via a convenient mobile app.

With thousands of users visiting CARRO every day and with all the accessories easily filtered by the required characteristics, it won’t take long for you to sell your products. To automate the process of advertisements placement, you should use the CARRO.Business service.

How does CARRO.Business work?

CARRO.Business is a system designed to help you easily add items by certain parameters, such as price or categories of parts. With it, you will no longer need to place each advertisement by hand. They appear on the website instantly and disappear right after the sale.