15 May 2023

If you kept your database in excel or other accounting systems, you can automatically import spare parts from your old database into the CARRO.Business system.

Free import of spare parts database by CARRO.Business support service

Send us your xls or csv file and we will help you import your entire database into CARRO.Business for free. For that, please contact us using live chat or leave a ticket.

Manual import of a spare parts database into CARRO.Business:

  1. Go to the spare parts import section
  2. Create a csv, xls, or xlsx file of your existing database. You can download an example of a ready-to-use file in xls format by clicking here. Also see the list of fields that can be imported automatically.
  3. Click on "Upload file", select the prepared file and the upload method. Please note that there are two methods of uploading: "Upload new files and update existing ones" - to add new parts to the previously uploaded ones. "Upload new files, update existing ones and delete missing ones in the file" - to delete all the old information and add new one.
  4. Click the "Upload file" button and wait for the upload to complete. The file will get in the download queue. This may take some time.
  5. Check the upload result.
    In case of errors:
    1. Enter view mode
    2. Download the file with errors
    3. Open the file and correct the errors right in the downloaded file (error information will be shown in the rightmost column). The correct names of makes, models and parts can be found in the CARRO.Business guides. [download guide by make and model] [download guide by part names] (Download links are available for authorized users only)
    4. Save your changes to the file, go to "Import" again, and upload an edited file by selecting the "Upload new files and update existing ones" upload method.
    5. Check the result of the re-upload. If errors still occur, repeat steps from paragraph 5.

How to download an applicability report?

If you need to download an import file with an applicability record, you must adhere to the following rules:

Create a column called "APPLICABILITY" in the import file, and then, for each part, enter data about it in the "applicability" box. The data are arranged as follows:

{make}//{model}//{engine}//year. An example: bmw//e46//m54b25//2002. Please note that the use of // split bars is mandatory.

1) The only must in the "APPLICABILITY" box is the car model, so if you enter bmw//e46//// into the box, the system will automatically add the model year. Please note that split bars at the end of bmw//e46//// should not be removed. If the "engine" and "year" fields are blank, then the splitters must be present.

2) If the applicability is indicated for the same car make as the main part, only the car model can be entered in the applicability box, for example, //e46////. Keep in mind that the splitters before the car model should be present. You can download a sample applicability file by clicking here.

3) If you want to list more than one car for applicability, you should separate them by commas. For example, "bmw//e46//m54b25//2002, bmw//e36////2000 , //G20////"