02 Jan 2023

Charges for providing access to the CARRO.Business system

The prices listed depend on the number of spare parts available

УслугиЦена, EUR / в день
Pack 1000
Pack 10002
Pack 20003
Pack 30004
Pack 50005
Pack 10 0007
Pack 15 00010
Pack 20 00012
Pack 50 00014
Pack 100 00020
Pack 200 00026
Pack 300 00032

The cost of the service “Technical website support”

The cost of technical website support service is 1.38 EUR per day. The monthly cost is ~38 EUR. At present, charging does not depend on the used space on the servers of OOO “POISKOVYE RESHENIYA” (SEARCH SOLUTIONS LLC).

Reference information on CARRO.Business system account replenishment by bankcard

We provide our customers with the opportunity to deposit their accounts in the CARRO.Business system online. To deposit the account, one must undergo the registration procedure. Then proceed to the “Billing” section by clicking on the billing amount at the top of the website, click “Replenish balance” and then follow the instructions on the billing page. Leave a ticket to contact us.