15 May 2022

It may be that you need to change or add some parameters at once for a considerable number of spare parts. Instead of having to do this by hand, CARRO.Business offers you the option of changing the parts parameters in batches. Let's review this procedure step by step using the example of changing the model BMW X5 M E70 to BMW X5 E70 and adding the #Lot_1 tag to them. In the future, you will be able to modify any part parameters in a batch.

Step 1

First, you will need to make a selection of parts whose parameters need to be changed in a batch. For that, go to the "Spare parts" section and use the filter. Set the desired search filters and click "Show". In our case, we are searching for all parts for the BMW X5 M E70.

Step 2

Once you have clicked the "Show" button, you will then be presented with a list of parts that are in the selection. In step two, we will switch to the exporting of the resulting parts list to an excel file. Click the "Export parts" button at the top of the filter to do this. After you click on "Export parts", the excel file with the resulting parts selection will be downloaded to your computer.

Step 3

At this step, we will introduce the necessary changes to the parts parameters using excel. Let's open the downloaded file and change the model name to X5 in all the parts, then add the tag #Lot_1. Leave the remaining columns as they were.

Step 4

Save the edited file. During this step, we import the resulting file into CARRO.Business. Go to the "Import" section and click "Upload file". The system will prompt you to select the desired file for import. Select the previously edited file. Attention!!! The option "The method of loading a new price list" must indicate "Load new files and update existing ones". If you choose another method, the remaining parts missing from the file will be transferred to the "Discarded" status. Once you have chosen a file, click "Upload file". CARRO.Business will start processing the new file in a few seconds.

Step 5

Once the system processes the file, go to the "Spare parts" section and check the accuracy of the downloaded data.

All data were loaded correctly, models were changed in the batch, and the tag "Lot_1" was added.

Batch binding of spare parts to a car assembly set

To link available parts to a car assembly set that has already been added, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the export file (if necessary, complete Step 1 and Step 2, described above).
  2. After downloading the export file, add the " CAR STOCK NUMBER" column to the table and enter the desired car part number from CARRO.Business in front of each part
  3. 3. Save the resulting file and upload it to the system using "Import". Attention!!! The option "The method of loading a new price list" must indicate "Load new files and update existing ones". Once the file is uploaded, the system will link the parts to the car assembly set.

Batch modification of some part parameters in the system

If you want to edit info on some parts, e.g. set a total discount, change the stock, discard, print a QR code, etc.

  1. Check the boxes on the left side of the part that you want to apply the changes to.
  2. Once you have made a choice, a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with possible actions to the parts you have selected.
  3. 3. You can use both the quick functions "publish", "Print QR code", etc., and/or change some parameters. If you want to change the parameters of the selected parts - click "Change". Fill in the required parameters to be modified and click "Save changes".

Definition of parts statuses

  • 0 - draft
  • 1 - in stock
  • 3 - sold
  • 4 - discarded
  • 5 - on reserve