05 Oct 2022

Product reservation is a user-friendly tool to help you reserve an item until a certain date and notify your coworkers about it, so that nobody sells that item.

To reserve one or more parts, follow these steps:

1. Access the parts list and check the boxes next to the required parts. When highlighting parts, you can use the search, go to "disks" section and highlight items in other sections. All highlighted items will remain in place even if you reload the page.

2. Once you choose the required parts, press the "Reserve" button.

3. Next, you will have the opportunity to fill out a spare part reservation form: enter the reservation end date, a remark, and if necessary, provide the customer's name and number.

4. After completing the form and creating a reservation, all reserved parts will receive the "On reserve" status; the reservation information will be displayed both on the parts list and in the product card.

5. At the end of the reservation date, the part's status will automatically change to "In stock".

Note: Parts with the "On reserve" status are uploaded to the advertising platforms just as if they had the "In stock" status; this status does not affect the uploading in any way.

6. If you want to cancel the reservation, find the required part, click on "Actions" or "Manage part" and click on "Post part".