05 Oct 2022

If you work with car assembly sets, it would be useful to know how much you earned on this or that assembly set, to know its return on investment. To do this, create a car assembly set in the "Auto" section before adding parts to the car. Subsequently, when adding spare parts, you will no longer need to specify car parameters such as car make and model, as they will be duplicated from the parameters of the car assembly set.

How to add a car assembly set?

  1. Go to the "Auto" tab in CARRO.Business
  2. Next, click "Add auto" to open a form to add a car.
  3. Please fill in as many fields as possible. If you do it once, later on, when adding a part to this car assembly set, all the data on the part will be automatically duplicated, and it will have a detailed description.
  4. Click the "Add auto" button at the end of the form.

You can add a car assembly set through the app as well.

Note: You can fill in the "Price" field when completing the form. This field is used to keep the price at which you purchased the car assembly set. This will be the basis for further analysis of the pay-back of this car assembly set.