15 May 2022

Let's take a look at some of the possible scenarios for part tags on this page.

What are tags? How to use them in CARRO.Business?

A tag is a short identifier that helps find and create product categories of your own with ease. It usually contains one word, such as #lot_A or #defective. With tags, you can easily mark certain products with similar properties and then search for them, upload products with a given set of tags to advertising platforms, and use them in analytics.

Creating your own tags

There are some basic tags in CARRO.Business to work with, such as "Favorites", "Defects", etc., but you may need to create your own tags. For example, #lot_A. To create tags, go to the tag manager, and hit "add tag", after which a modal window with a form to create tags will open. Enter the name of the future tag, choose an appropriate icon, text, and background color. Then click "Save". Once a tag is created, you can use it when creating and editing any spare part.

Possible use cases

Marking each lot with a certain tag

For example, #lot_A, #lot_B, etc. This way you can easily analyze the number of spare parts sold from a particular lot and their revenue, so that you can further forecast purchases and improve your list of suppliers.

Marking defective spare parts and providing a discount on them

When adding a defective part, you can add the #defective tag. Later on, you will be able to use this tag to set up a discount for the desired product category. For instance, you will be able to get a list of parts tagged #defective that have been in stock for over a year and give a 30% discount for them.

Creating a list of favorite parts

You may have some exclusive parts in stock that you would not want unloaded anywhere but your personal website. For this purpose, you can, for example, create a tag #favorite and mark such parts with it. Later, when setting uploads to marketplaces, you will be able to exclude items with this tag from the general list of spare parts.

You can create your own tags and scenarios for their usage. Share your scenarios with us via our feedback form