04 Nov 2022

Applicability is another convenient tool in CARRO.Business that helps you conduct a successful advertising campaign and make it easy to search for spare parts. With applicability, you will no longer need to create multiple positions for the same spare part just because they can fit be used on several car models. You may also indicate which car model this or that spare part was used for. You can then upload it to the advertising platforms as different advertisements. For example, you know that the N47 D16 engine can be used in BMW models: X1, X3, X5, 2nd series, etc.

How to add applicability to the spare part?

Applicability can be added both when making a new spare part, and when editing an existing one.

Important! Copying applicability when using the same original numbers

When you enter the original number, CARRO.Business will input all applicability data from previous similar parts. Subsequently, when you enter the applicability info of one part, it will be duplicated in the rest of the parts with the same original number.

Database search by applicability

Once you specify the parts applicability, you will be able to search for them with this information in mind. For instance, you may search for a rear lever for a BMW X1, and the system will show you that no such levers are available, but there is a lever from a BMW 5 that fits the X1. To activate applicability in the search filter, expand the "Additional fields" field and check the "Applicability" checkbox.

Uploading to advertising platforms based on applicability

By enabling this option you can speed up the process of sale of parts on advertising platforms, as your stock of 100 spare parts can be uploaded to advertising marketplaces, for example, in the amount of 1000 items. Once you enable the option, CARRO.Business will generate different ads based on applicability and send them to the advertising platforms. To enable applicability, go to the "Export" section, choose the appropriate platform, enable unloading if it is disabled, and click "change". In the top of the export settings, you can choose whether to enable the applicability option or leave it disabled. After making changes, go to the bottom of the page and save the changes. The changes will take effect when you next update the upload file for the platform.