15 May 2022

CARRO.Business uses a system that keeps track of all operations with spare parts. Any changes, updates, etc. are automatically registered in the event log.

To view product history, go to the "Parts" tab. On the right side of each part, you can find the "Actions" -> "History" button. If you click on it, a window with detailed history of the part will open. It will include information on the person who added the part, the date the price was changed, the initial price, etc.

Why do we need to know product history?

If more than one employee works in the system, questions regarding the changes made may arise (Who added the part? Who set the price?). Who changed the price and/or the note? What information was there before the change? The parts history log contains the answers to all of these questions. This way you can always view the entire part history in the database and see what data was there before certain parameters were changed. When necessary, you can undo these changes and restore the initial information. All records are also kept in the "Activity" section of the "Settings". You can check which of the employees is currently working and what changes are being made.