15 May 2022

With CARRO.Business you can use the system as a platform for communication between your company employees as well as for fast communication with technical support.

Basic chat features in CARRO.Business

1. Communication between employees

You and your employees can easily contact each other regarding work-related issues in the system or in the mobile app. To enter the chat room, click on the chat icon at the top of the system page.

2. Creation of a new chat room

To create a chat with an employee, click on "Search by people and groups". The list will include all your company's employees as well as CARRO.Business support team members.

3. Creation of team chats for employees

You can create a themed chat room and invite several employees to join. This could, for example, be a chat room for a "delivery" of parts, in which you will notify the warehouse supervisors of the movement of goods. To create a chat room, click "Create a new group" at the bottom of the page. Once you create a group, you will need to fill in a group name and include the participants.

Chats in the mobile app

All chats are also available in the CARRO.Business mobile app. Employees will never miss the messages they need because the system automatically sends push notifications whenever there is any activity in the chat room.