15 May 2022

CARRO.Business offers the option of managing your customer base in the system. From now on, while working in the system, you can automatically update the customer base and then use it to get information about the customer, as well as to do informational mailings.

How does the "Customers" section work in CARRO.Business?

There are two ways of adding customers to your customer base: manual and automatic (when the sale is made). To add a customer by yourself, click "Add customer" in the "Customers" section.

Automatic customer base update when the sale is made

Let's next consider the automatic addition of customers and their purchases when making a sale through the system. CARRO.Business will auto-create a new customer or register a purchase to an existing customer if you specify the customer's "Name" and "Phone number" when selling goods.

Once the sale is made, the system will create an entry with the new customer in the "Customers" section and save his/her purchases for him/her. This will help you navigate to the customer's purchases and learn whether there have been any returns. To find a customer, use the search form in the "Customers" section.