05 Oct 2022

With CARRO.Business, you can easily maintain sales records and get detailed information on items sold, sale date, remaining warranty periods, etc.

The selling process is conducted as follows:

  1. Go to the "Parts" section, use the search bar to find the required parts and add them to the cart by clicking the "Actions" button and then the "Add to cart" button. A part may have embedded parts, such as "engine driven accessory". If this is the case, the system will prompt you to include the embedded parts in the sale. To do so, you can remove the parts from the sale by simply deleting them from the list.
  2. Once all the parts to be sold are in the shopping cart, click on the "Shopping cart" button above the list of parts.
  3. The system will offer you to check the list of spare parts. And if everything is correct, click "Make a sale".
  4. You will be redirected to the sales form. Fill out the sales form by entering the total price and the sale currency, and fill out the customer information.
  5. Click the "Make a sale" button.

Making a sale on credit

The system provides an option of selling "On credit". This may come in handy when you have regular buyers (middlemen) who take goods for resale, and you don't get the money for the sale right away. In this case, you can make the sale on credit and not lose settlement data.

Partial deposit of funds after the on-credit sale

Once the on-credit sale is completed, an additional option of depositing funds in parts will be available. For example, when you received some amount for a purchase and need to document this.

Combined payment

CARRO.Business offers the option of combined payment for goods, if payments are partly made in cash/non-cash or in different currencies. To make a combined payment when making a sale, click " + Add partial amount".

Please specify as many parts as necessary. Let's say, for example, that a spare part is worth 1000 EUR, and the customer paid 800 EUR by cashless transfer and 200 EUR in cash. Just add two parts of the amount (200 EUR and 800 EUR) and choose different methods of payment. After that, you will be transferred to a page with information on various payment methods.