15 May 2022

In the "Finance" section, you can analyze the state of affairs in your business and keep track of expenses. This section is only available to users with "Owner" status. Next, we will review the section's functionality and tell you how to use it.

The option of filtering the data on income by the required parameters

You can use the filters in the "Finance" section to monitor the following indicators:

• The total company revenue for a certain period. (Monthly data is shown by default)

• Revenue from sales for each manager. Choose the manager in the filters and click "Show". The system will display the revenue brought by the manager for the period of interest.

• The option of tracking the pay-back for each of the advertising platforms. If you enter the amount spent on advertising platforms and indicate the platform the buyer came from when selling the product, you will be able to compare the difference between the amount of your sales and the amount spent to pay for the services of the platform in the "Finances" section.

• The section will also help you monitor the proceeds of "On credit" sales. All transactions involving deposits go to the summary table, so you can trace the amount of money returned and see which manager accepted it. Read more about sales opportunities in the "Making a sale" section.

The "Finances" section in the mobile app

You can also use the CARRO.Business mobile app for iOS and Android to efficiently record expenses.