19 Oct 2022

Some may need to process and track the movement of a list of spare parts between warehouses of the company. For this purpose, CARRO.Business includes the option of creating movements with reporting.

How does it work?

Imagine that you need to send a spare part from your main warehouse to a retail location or to a warehouse in another country, and you want to ensure that this list of spare parts will not get lost so that you can check the list and accept the parts when they arrive at the destination warehouse. Here's what you should do to create such a list:

1. Check the boxes next to the parts to be moved. When highlighting spare parts, you can use the search, go to the disks section and highlight items there. All highlighted items will remain even if you reload the page.

2. Once you have chosen all the necessary parts, click on the "move" button in the functions of the selected items.

3. You will be prompted to fill in the movement form by specifying the warehouse to which movement will be made, the date of movement, the responsible manager, and the status (must be assembled, has been assembled, sent). The movement statuses can be later changed. CARRO.Business also allows you to book these items for a particular buyer. To do so, just enter the buyer's data in the appropriate form.

4. Once all the necessary information is entered, click "Submit/Send". After that, you will be taken to a page with a list of movements. The list will include information on the shipment date and movement status. You can access detailed information about the movement by clicking the "Details" button.

5. In the current movement, you can change the status to "Assembled" and "Sent". If the movement has the status "sent", the receiving party will see the button to accept the shipment. Upon arrival of the goods to the point of shipment, the receiving party compares the list of parts with a list of those sent, and if they match, the manager clicks "Accept". In the form that appears, you can write a comment, specify the date of receipt and/or indicate the manager responsible for receiving the goods. If the goods are successfully accepted, all parts that were in the movement will switch to the warehouse to which they were delivered.

6. At the time of movement, the parts being moved will display this information. Clicking on it will take you to the page with full movement information.

7. Once the parts have arrived, the receiving party will change their warehouse to the right one.

Notification of storekeepers about the necessity of order preparation

To inform the storekeepers about the necessity of assembling an order, just fill in the field "Notify users" at the stage of movement creation. Users chosen will be notified of the need to assemble an order via chat, both in the system and in the mobile app.

Selected employees will receive the following notifications:

Next, the employee can go to the "Movements" section and proceed to order assembly.

Sending an automatic message to the customer when the part arrives at the pickup point.

If you use the functionality of movement between warehouses, you can automatically notify the customer by sending a text message about the arrival of the goods to the pick-up point. Let's say, you created a movement of goods from a warehouse to a market point, assembled a few orders, and delivered the goods to the point the next day. Once the salesperson changes the movement status to "Accepted", CARRO.Business will automatically send a text message to the customer's number specified when the movement was created. The message will include the date of product arrival, the pick-up address, and the contact information of the pick-up point.

1. To notify the customer when creating a movement, you need to fill in the customer's data

Next, follow the instructions described above: assemble the order and send it. In the final step, when the item arrives at the end point, you should accept it by clicking "Accept" (please note that the Accept button becomes available only for shipments in the "Sent" status). After you click on the button, you will be prompted to fill out a form of acceptance of the movement, fill in data about the arrival time, write a comment, and check the box "Send a message to the customer".

If this is the case, the customer will receive a text message containing the address, date of arrival and the contact information of the pick-up point location.

The cost of one text message may vary depending on the country of origin and the operator, as well as the text size. The current rate for sending one text message is 0.25 BYN or 8 RUB. Money will automatically be deducted from your CARRO.Business account.