30 Oct 2022

CARRO.Business offers a convenient way to record the shipment of goods by transport companies. Having recorded shipments, you can assign tasks to employees, monitor the shipment status, automatically print requests to the shipping company, and notify customers via text message about the shipment.

How to create a shipment request?

To create a shipment request, you should first make a sale through the system. You can use the function of sale on credit, if the customer pays for the goods by cash on delivery. You can also create a shipment request automatically, right during the sale process. To do this, check the "Create shipment request" box next to the "Make a sale" button.

You can also create a shipment request either after or during the sale. To do this, go to the required sale and click "Create shipment request", or when creating a sale, check the "Send spare parts by transport company" box.

Fill in all the required fields and enter the customer's data when creating a shipment request.

Fill in customer data for further shipment. Apart from that, enter the data about the transportation company and delivery address, which may be later used for automatic printing of documents for the transport company.

Control panel of the created shipment request

Once all the data is filled in and the shipment request is created, the shipment control panel will become available. There you will be able to change the shipment status and print an application for the transport company.

Viewing the shipment list and batch editing

Go to the "Shipments" section to view the shipments. In this section, you can search by shipment, date of shipment, customers, and companies. You can also batch-edit multiple shipments. To do so, check the boxes on the left to choose multiple shipments, and an editing menu will appear at the bottom. There you will be able to print out a list of shipments and batch change their statuses.