05 Oct 2022

How does the website work with the CARRO.Business accounting system?

Once the online store is created, we will synchronize your CARRO.Business database with your website. The process of updating and adding parts is instantaneous. In other words, you can add a new part in the mobile app, and it will appear on the website right away. If you change the price, it will immediately be changed on the website.

What does an online store based on CARRO.Business look like?

You can see an example of a website based on the CARRO.Business system here https://schturman.by. The website offers the option of adding and paying for your order through the shopping cart, as well as the entire catalog of parts in a convenient format.

What opportunities does the creation of a personal online store of spare parts give?

  • First, the chance to give your loyal customers easy access to your parts’ database.
  • Second, the possibility of gaining additional sales to customers from Yandex and Google search engines; it will be easier for your potential customers to find you and contact you for a purchase.
  • Third, the possibility of accepting card payments online. The customer can create an order and pay for it, and the money will arrive in your current account.

How to create your own online store?

To establish an online store, you first need to connect to the CARRO.Business accounting system. To do so, just access the registration page and sign up.