15 May 2022

In the personal online store from CARRO, you can both gather online orders from customers and accept payments by bank card. We will later tell you how to accept and approve orders for subsequent payment by the customer.

Your orders will be available in the “Orders” tab of the website’s administration panel. The page contains information about current orders and their statuses.

How to work with orders?

As soon as the customer places an order on the website, you will receive a text notification on the first phone number listed in the contact details. You will then need to go to your order list to see if the part is still in stock and if you are willing to give it away at the price listed on the order. You can edit the price and the order itself on the main order page. If the status changes to “Confirmed”, the customer will receive a notification to the number he or she specified when placing an order, informing him or her that the order is confirmed and can be paid for. Once your order has been paid for, its status will change to “Paid”.

In future updates, we are going to make closer integration with CARRO.Business to process orders right in the system.