20 Feb 2023

Your entire team may register at CARRO.Business. As a supervisor, you can set up accounts for your employees and give them access to the system.

To give access to an employee, you need to do the following:

  1. Send the employee a link to https://carrobiz.com
  2. The employee must sign up and confirm his/her phone number. (Attention! The employee should skip the step of creating a company. That is, after confirming the phone number, he/she does not need to fill in any other fields)
  3. The manager should then go to the "Users" section (https://carrobiz.com/company/user/index) and use the add form to enter the employee's phone number, choose the desired role (full or partial access) and click "Add user".

Once added, the user will be able to interact with the company and log in using the mobile app.