15 May 2022

Starting with the organization of warehouse accounting in the CARRO.Business system.

The warehouse inventory control in CARRO.Business helps to systematize warehouse locations, organize targeted storage, and quickly and accurately locate goods. By implementing inventory control, you will always know what goods you have in stock and their location, which will facilitate the stock-taking process. The targeted storage system is simple and consistent: even new employees can navigate the warehouse on their first day of work.

What is required for a targeted storage system setup?

  1. A CARRO.Business app for iOS or Android. If you already have the app, update it to the latest version.
  2. Regular printer vs. thermal printer for barcode printing and warehouse and parts labeling. We recommend using polypropylene labels.

What opportunities will arise once the warehouse inventory control in CARRO.Business is arranged?

  1. Fast search for a spare part. Go to “Parts” -> “Scanner”. Using the mobile application, you can scan a part and then quickly move on to managing it.
  2. Generating a list of parts linked to a certain shelf, section, row, etc. Access the scanner in the app and point to the shelf code. The application will display a list of parts that are placed on it. This feature allows for easy inventory control (stock-taking).