04 May 2023

Adding a new part via the desktop version of CARRO.Business

  1. Go to the "Spare parts" section.
  2. Click the "Add part" button. After that, a form for adding a part will open and you will be able to upload photos of the part and specify its basic parameters: car model, name, applicability for other cars, etc.
  3. When you fill in the required information about the part, click the "Add part" button at the bottom of the form.

Adding embedded parts

Parts can be sold as a complete unit or in parts. For instance, you can add the part "Door set", specify its composition, and then add "Door impact sensor", "Door lock", "Frame", "Paneling", etc. To add embedded parts to the door:

  1. Add the main spare part, e.g. "Door".
  2. Once the part is created, go to it and click "Actions" -> "Assembled". The window for creating embedded parts will appear.
  3. Click "Add part" and use the drop-down list to select the required part. The number of embedded parts created is not limited. Once you have filled in all the necessary embedded parts, click the "Save" button. The CARRO.Business system will create these items. Further on, when selling "Doors" you will be able to indicate which items go on sale, and which should stay in the database.

If you disassemble car assembly sets

For easy accounting and simplified process of adding spare parts that were removed from the car assembly set, the system offers the option of creating car assembly sets and linking spare parts to them. This way, every time you add a part, you will only have to choose a car assembly set. You will no longer need to specify the make, model and manufacture year for each part separately.

To link a spare part to a car assembly set:

  1. Create a car assembly set in the "Auto" section (see the instructions how to do this).
  2. Switch to the "Add new part" form and choose the required car assembly set number from the drop-down list on top. Once you choose a car assembly set, the fields with car parameters will disappear, and you will only need to enter part parameters: name, original number, and price.
  3. Click the "Add part" button.

Fast addition of a part by OEM or reference number

CARRO.Business helps facilitate the process of entering parts by original or license number. For fast part entry, you must already have at least one part with the same original number in your database. After you enter the original or license number, the system will copy all the car and part details into the "Add part" form. After that you will only need to put the price of the part and add pictures of it.