14 Jul 2022

It usually takes more time to add a description to a product than to select the basic parameters: make, model, and name. CARRO.Business offers a wide range of tools to help you solve this issue, making it easier to add the same/similar descriptions to products, and perhaps even get rid of this necessity.

Let's review the most common errors and ways to solve them

1. Adding information about shipping terms and warranty to each item

For example:

Wrong solution

"The warranty on engines is 60 days, and 14 days for other parts. The delivery in the Russian Federation is carried out by transport companies; if your order exceeds 10 thousand rubles, the shipping will be free".

Right solution

It is better not to write such descriptions for every part, because warranty and delivery conditions can change at any time, so you will have to change the description for each part in the database, which will take a lot of time.

What to do then?

It would be best to put such a description for parts when uploading them to the platforms. The general note will attach to the part note, and you will be able to change it anytime and auto-update it on all parts. To add a general note, go to "Export", choose the appropriate platform, and click "Change".

After switching to the upload settings, find the "Clarifying fields" section and enter the appropriate text in the "General note" field. When uploaded to the platform, this text will be added to the part description. You can change the general description at any time, changing it on all the parts of the platform. Do so with all platforms that you want to add this note to.

2. Adding the same type of descriptions for the same part types manually

There are times when you need to write the same descriptions for certain types of parts, but they don't match all the parts. The functionality described above will not work in this case. To speed up the process of adding these notes, we have created quick templates that can help you add the necessary notes to the part in one click.

To add a template, go to the company settings and find the option "Options for quick product description". Insert the necessary descriptions into the templates and click "Save".

The templates will become available in the add parts form. If you click on the necessary description, it will be automatically inserted in the "Note" field.