07 Jul 2024

Basic definitions

Website refers to a web resource available at https://carrobiz.com

User refers to a natural or legal person who has placed his or her personal data via an online form on the website for the subsequent processing and transfer of personal data to the administration of the Website.

Website Administration is a legal entity, Sole Proprietor Kulevich M.A., who owns the Website. Email - info@carro.by.

Data Transfer Form means a special form where the User places his/her personal data to be transferred and processed by the Website.

User’s Personal Data refers to any information that directly or indirectly relates to a legal entity or a natural person.

Personal Data Processing is an action or a series of actions performed with personal data, including the collection, recording, systematization, clarification (update), accumulation, storage, extraction, use, transfer (disclosure, provision of access), blocking, anonymization, and deletion of personal data.

General provisions

2.1. This Privacy Policy is an official model document of the Website, which determines the order of data processing and protection for natural persons and legal entities using the Website functionality.

2.2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide adequate protection of User data (including personal) from unauthorized access and disclosure.

2.3. The relations connected with collection, storage, distribution and protection of user data are subject to this Privacy Policy and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

2.4. The current version of the Privacy Policy is a public document and is available to any Internet User who follows the “Privacy Policy” hypertext link.

2.5. The Website Administration shall have the right to amend this Privacy policy.

2.6. If the Privacy Policy is amended, the Website Administration shall notify the User by placing a new version of the Privacy Policy on the https://carrobiz.com Website.

2.7. When a new version of the Privacy Policy is uploaded to the Website, the previous version shall be archived.

2.8. By using the Data Transfer Form, the User expresses his or her consent to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

2.9. The Website Administration shall not verify the accuracy of the received (collected) information about the User.

Conditions and purposes for the collection and processing of users’ personal data

3.1. Personal User data, including full name, e-mail, phone number, skype, etc., are transferred by the User upon his/her consent.

3.2. Transfer of personal data by the User shall indicate the User’s consent to the transfer of his or her personal data.

3.3. The Website Administration processes such personal data of the User as: full name, e-mail, phone number, skype, information about the device, location, etc., as well as additional information about the User (corporate body, city, position, etc.), provided by him or her at will, in order to fulfill obligations to the User of the Website.

3.4. The personal data processing is performed according to the principles of:

  • a) the lawfulness of the purposes and methods of personal data processing and good faith;
  • b) compliance of the purposes of personal data processing with the purposes predetermined and stated when collecting personal data;
  • c) compliance of the amount and nature of the processed personal data with the methods and purposes of personal data processing;
  • d) inadmissibility of combining databases containing personal data created for incompatible purposes.

3.5. The Website Administration shall process the User’s personal data with the User’s consent to provide the services offered on the Website and the mobile application, and improve the quality of the Website services (personalized services, marketing, etc.).

Storage and use of personal data

The Personal Data of the User shall be stored in electronic format only and shall be used strictly for the purposes specified in Clause 3 of this Privacy Policy.

Transfer of personal data

5.1. Personal data of the User shall not be disclosed to any third parties.

Terms of storage and destruction of personal data

6.1. The User’s personal data is stored on the electronic media of the website without time limit.

6.2. The User’s personal data shall be destroyed upon the User’s request, or at the initiative of the Website Administrator without explanation, by being deleted by the Website Administration. Upon deletion of information, the User shall have the right to retrieve the information placed on an electronic media. The choice of data presentation format is left to the Website Administration.

Rights and obligations of users

Users shall have the right to obtain information relating to the processing of their personal data from the Website Administration upon request.

User data protection measures

The Website Administrator shall take technical, organizational, and legal measures to protect the User’s personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure, and other illegal actions.

User appeal

9.1. The User shall have the right to submit his or her requests (in writing) to the Website Administration, including requests regarding the use/deletion of his or her personal data, stipulated by Clause 3 of this Privacy Policy to the registered office address of the Website Administration.

9.2. A request sent by the User must contain the following information:

  • a free-form request on letterhead;
  • the request must be signed by an authorized person and accompanied by documents confirming the person’s authority.

9.3. The Website Administration undertakes to review the User’s request and respond to it within 30 days of receipt.

9.4. All correspondence received by the Administration from the User (requests in written/electronic form) shall be classified as restricted information and shall not be disclosed without the written consent of the User. Personal data and any other information about the User, who submitted a request shall not be used, without the User’s express consent, other than to respond to the subject of the received request or in cases expressly stipulated by law.