30 Oct 2022

We recommend using a cloud printer and CARRO.Business to print QR codes. The documents can be found in the instructions for setting up a cloud printer. The cloud printer will print labels automatically when a new part is added, or even remotely - via the CARRO.Business mobile app.

To print on a standard A4-sized printer without connecting a cloud printer, use the instructions below:

Step 1

Check the boxes next to the desired parts in the list.

Step 2

Once the needed items have been selected, a menu will appear at the bottom of the page, where you should press the "Print QR code" button.

Step 3

Next, you will be taken to the pdf-file with all the qr-codes of the selected items. Click "Print" (the print button may be in different locations depending on your browser)

In Google Chrome, Opera, Mozzila:

In Safari

In Safari, right-click on the pdf document and click "Open in Viewer", then choose "File" -> "Print" in the top menu of the app.