15 May 2022

In the personal online store from CARRO, you can create quick links to the required catalog sections and static pages with information about shipping, warranty, etc. Below, we will show you how to create quick links in the website menu.

Creating static shipping and warranty pages, etc.

Creating the right page is quite simple. To do this, go to the “Pages” section in the administration panel of the website and click “Create a page”. Next, you will be prompted to fill out the form and enter the page title, as well as write the appropriate text and insert pictures. To make the page appear on the website, change the status to “Published” and save the changes.

Creating catalog pages

On the website, you can create quick links to the catalog sections of your choice, for example, links to the entire category with engines or all parts for BMW. There’s also an option of making a page based on the tags you put on the parts.

To create a new catalog page, go to “Catalog pages” section in your website’s administration panel and click “Create a description for the catalog page”. Next, a form for creating a link to the desired section will open. Set the parameters to which the created link should lead. For instance, you can put “Engine” in the part name, which will create a link in the website’s header leading to the engines’ section of the website.

The image below shows how such a link would look on the website.

One can also create pages with parts by a certain tag (mark). You may, for example, tag some parts in the CARRO.Business system with the “M-packet” tag and create a page with a defined selection of products. To do so, add the required tag in CARRO.Business to at least one part and proceed to the creation of catalog pages in the website’s administration panel.

After that, choose the appropriate page title and tag that will be used to display the parts on the website. In the future, if you indicate a tag on the part in the CARRO.Business system, it will appear in the appropriate section of the website.