09 Oct 2023

The CARRO.Business system offers the option of adding custom part names, makes and models of cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. to the database of existing ones. This is why we have created the "Item manager" and "Auto manager" sections.

How to add a new part name?

If none of the suggested items in the list suits you, you can use the "Item manager" to add a new item of your own for further use. The added item will only be available in your current company. You can find the Item manager in the company settings. Find "Item database " in the right side of the menu.

Make sure that your item is not in the database before adding a part. Use the search, but remember that some items may have different names and use synonyms or alternate names. The system know about it though.

If the search was not successful, you can add your own item by clicking the "Add Item" button.

In the Add item form, specify the item category and its name, as well as whether it has sides, positions or directions, so that the system can subsequently build up names like "Front left door glass". Also fill out the data for the platforms, if necessary. Once added, this item will be available for use in your CARRO.Business database.

Adding new makes, models, car generations, and engines to the database

To add new cars, go to the company settings and click on the "Car database" link on the right side of the menu.

Make sure that this car (make, model, and generation) is not already in the database before adding it. Use the search to do this.

If the make, model or generation of your choice is not in the database, you can may proceed. To do this, click "Add make" and fill in all the required fields.

To add models and generations, you need to first find the make in the catalog and go to the necessary section. Next, perform similar actions and add models and generations to them.