15 May 2022

It may sometimes take a long time to settle on the cost of a used part.

In CARRO.Business, you can quickly find items based on the market value of similar products available on the CARRO aggregator website.

Here's what you should do to engage in cross referencing:

1. Find the right spare part and click the "Actions" -> "Compare prices" button next to it.

2. See a list of similar spare parts with their descriptions, photos, and prices. With these data, you can estimate the price of your spare part and update it. For a quick information update, click on the price next to the part, and the system will offer to enter the new price in the same window without switching to editing.

Automatic price survey

CARRO.Business will help you monitor the current prices for spare parts by automatically analyzing your database and comparing it with average market prices for similar parts. The system will automatically generate a list of recommendations that will be placed at the top of the spare parts list. The list of recommendations is compiled once a day. To get more recommended items, you should try adding the original number to each part and indicate the price.

Cross referencing in CARRO.Business Android and iOS apps

  1. Click on the "Compare prices" button.
  2. Check the list of similar parts provided.
  3. Assign your price using the "Put your price" button, or set the same price for the spare part by clicking the "Use price" button.