05 Sep 2020

Today we will talk about useful updates that have become available in CARRO.Business. So that they do not go unnoticed, below we will tell you in detail about important updates:

Changes in the export of spare parts to sites

1. Setting the status of spare parts depending on the warehouse. Now, when unloading to the site, you can specify which spare parts and from which warehouses to unload under the "on order" status, and which warehouses to unload under the "in stock" status. For example, it will be convenient if you have warehouses in different cities / countries and when unloading to the Belarusian site, you would like to indicate that the spare parts that you have in the Minsk warehouse have the status in stock, and those spare parts that are listed for a warehouse in Moscow to consider as spare parts under the order. To configure the unloading, go to editing the unloading parameters ("Export" -> find the required site -> "edit" and find the "availability of goods" section).

Automatic exchange rate + the required percentage to it

In the company settings, it became possible to specify the required markup percentage to the automatic exchange rate. If the "Percentage to rate" field is filled in, then the rate values that were filled in manually will be ignored. Please note that the recalculation of rates, taking into account the percentage increase, occurs every 12 hours, but after changing the percentage to the rate, the system will recalculate all prices automatically.

Added the ability to quickly add notes to the spare part

We have noticed that users often use the same notes for certain categories of parts. In order to speed up the process of entering and get rid of copying the same information in a note, we have made description templates that can be inserted into a note with one click. To do this, you need to register the most necessary note templates in the settings once and then insert them in one click when adding a spare part.

How to set up quick note templates:

Step 1 - go to the CARRO.Business settings and in the "Company settings" -> "Quick product description options" section, add the necessary note options for the part you are using.

Step 2 - in the form of adding a spare part, you will be able to select from the list those descriptions that you saved earlier. By clicking on the desired template, the text will be transferred to the "Note" field.

Payback of car

There was an opportunity to analyze the payback of the machine set. To do this, we have updated the "Machine Kits" section. In order to evaluate the payback, find the required car kit, click the "Actions" -> "Statistics" button.

Next, the page for viewing statistics on the car kit will open. Based on these statistics, you will be able to assess the state of affairs for this car kit. The section with payback statistics is available only to company owners

On the page "Prices" there was data from the already available spare parts in your database

Previously, on the spare parts pricing page, there were data only from the CARRO website, without taking into account those spare parts that you currently have in stock or have already been sold. Now, when pricing a spare part, the system will tell you if you once had similar spare parts and what their price was. This will help to more accurately determine the price of the current spare part.

Other changes CARRO.Business

1. Added the "Engine type" field on the spare parts search page.

2. The algorithm for generating digital articles has been updated. Now the generator suggests as the next article the one that will stand next to the largest (number) existing in the system. That is, if the largest article in the system is 100100, then the generator will offer to use 100101 as the next one. A system for blocking articles is also implemented so that there are no failures when adding spare parts from several accounts at the same time.

IOS and Android app updates

1. Added the ability to work with applicability through the application

Already now, through a mobile application, it is possible to add and edit applicability to any part in the database.

2. Now it is possible to enable the pricing of spare parts in the list

This function was introduced experimentally, in the future the system will learn and will give more accurate results at the average market and recommended price. To enable this function, go to the application -> "Spare parts" section -> turn on the "Average prices" function. It can also work with any selections of parts you make using the search. For example, you can select all steering racks on a BMW and enable this feature to quickly estimate the average market value of all your rails and, in case of a large deviation, correct the price of the spare part.

Other updates to the CARRO.Business app

1. Improved barcode scanner performance. Now the application uses Google Vision technology, which improves code recognition even if the room is not well lit or the QR code is damaged.

2. There are settings for sending photos from the application to the server. Now you can choose for yourself whether to compress photos before sending them to the server or upload them in the original. Compression will reduce the download time of photos with a weak Internet in the warehouse. Image compression is lossless and the difference between the original and the compressed image will not be visible to the naked eye. You can configure this feature in the settings on the main screen of the application.

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