23 Oct 2021

Let's talk about useful updates that have become available in CARRO.Business recently. From the main one: added catalogs for motorcycles, buggies, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, go-karts, snowmobiles. Now you can manage the connected catalogs in the company settings. Now you can add your own brands, models, generations of cars, as well as engines. We changed the work with the "Quantity" field, read more about all the innovations below.

Added directories for different modes of transport

CARRO.Business now provides the ability to keep track of spare parts for both passenger cars and other various types of vehicles: motorcycles, light commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles. You can optionally connect catalogs depending on your needs in databases. Read more about the functionality in the documentation at the link.

Ability to add and edit your own names of brands, models, generations and engines for all types of vehicles

Now the system allows you to add your own names of spare parts, brands and models of cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. to the database to the existing ones. Catalog management is available in the company settings in the "Name Manager" and "Auto Manager" sections. Read more about the possibilities at the link.

Changes in the work of the "Quantity" functionality

The "Quantity" field in the "Spare parts" section was removed, the data was transferred to the "Hidden note" field. Instead, they added the ability to specify the number of copies when creating. Now the system will automatically create the required number of identical spare parts, this will help to more systematically approach the accounting of spare parts. The previous quantity field was hidden, and the information was moved to the "Hidden note" field.

Added quick functions after creating product items

Now, after adding a spare part, it is possible to use quick functions: show similar spare parts and proceed to the sale. This will help speed up the processes associated with the assessment of new introduced goods on the basis of existing ones, as well as their quick sale.

Other system updates

  • Added the ability to select a time zone in the "Personal Information" section. (Default Europe/Moscow UTC+03:00)
  • Added the ability to share a spare part / tire / wheel / vehicle kit. In order to send a link to a spare part to a client, find the desired item, click "Actions" -> "Share". A public page for the spare part will be generated, you can send it to any messenger.
  • Documentation for users has been developed, now it contains detailed information about the available functions, as well as guides for uploading to marketplaces.
  • Improved "live" search in the fields "Brand", "Model", "Generation", "Name".
  • A new service for sending SMS to the CIS countries (Notifications about the arrival of goods at the point of self-delivery) has been connected.
  • Improved the speed of the application.
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