08 Jun 2021

Let's talk about useful updates that have become available in CARRO.Business recently. From the main one: 2 useful and important functions appeared - automatic sending of SMS to customers when a spare part arrives at the point of issue and the ability to add your own names of spare parts. There are also additional options for batch work with a list of spare parts and additional information in the "Finance" section.

1. Automatic sending of SMS to the client after the spare part arrives at the pickup point.

When using the functionality of moving between warehouses, it became possible to automatically notify the client via SMS about the arrival of goods at the outlet. For example, you created a movement of goods from a warehouse to a point in the market, collected several orders, and delivered the goods to the point the next day. After the seller at the outlet changes the transfer to the "Accepted" status, CARRO.Business will automatically send an SMS to the client number specified when creating the transfer. The SMS will contain the date of receipt of the goods, the address where the goods can be picked up, and the contact phone number of the pickup point.

Let's take a look at the list of steps:

1. Select the necessary spare parts for subsequent movement

Select the checkboxes you need and click "Move"

2. Next, enter information about the final warehouse, the name and phone number of the client.

3. After registering the transfer, you will be taken to the list with transfers.

To change the status of a move, find the required move in the list and go to "Details". In the list of movements, all selected spare parts and the customer's phone number are available.

4. Change the movement statuses

Depending on the readiness to send the goods, we change the status of the movement. You can accept goods at the pickup point only after the movement receives the status "Sent"

5. We receive the goods at the end point

When the goods arrive at the outlet, it must be accepted so that the final warehouse of the goods changes in the system, and the client is notified of their arrival. To do this, the receiving party enters the current sending and presses the "Accept" button.

Next, a window for selecting a date and the possibility of notifying the client will open. By clicking on the checkbox "Send SMS to the client" after accepting CARRO.Business will automatically send an SMS to the client's number with a notification of the arrival of the goods.

Within 1-2 minutes, the client will receive an SMS notification containing the address, date of arrival and contact number of the point where the spare part arrived.

The cost of sending one SMS varies depending on the country of origin and operator, as well as the size of the text. At the moment, the cost of sending one SMS is 0.25 EUR. The write-off will occur automatically from the account in CARRO.Business.

2. Create your own spare parts names

Now CARRO.Business has the opportunity to add the names of spare parts yourself. Sometimes you need to add non-standard names that only you need. To do this, we have created the "Names Manager" section. The link to the name manager is located under the "Spare part" field in the window for adding a spare part.

To add your name, go to the "Name Manager" and click the "Add Name" button. In the window that opens, enter a new name, and select options for it, such as whether the name has a side, position, or direction. Select a category from the proposed list and, if desired, fill in the Avito category to get this name into the desired category on Avito. The link to the directory of category codes is located under the "Avito Category" field.

After adding a name, it will become available for selection when adding a spare part.

3. In the "Settings" section, an additional item "Remains" has appeared; links to warehouses and activity moved to the right.

Now you can download all the stock in warehouses with one button in the "Settings" section. By clicking on the link "Remains" in the menu on the right, a file with all the spare parts that are in stock will be downloaded. Also, the items "Activity" and "Warehouses" moved to the right.

4. Working with the parts list

In batch work with spare parts, it became possible to switch to selling and printing a list of spare parts. In order to use the functionality, select the necessary spare parts with the checkboxes on the right and use the "Print list" and "Sell" buttons in the lower menu.

5. In the "Finance" section, reporting on the amounts paid for sales with the "In debt" status has appeared.

Now you can more transparently track the amounts and dates of repayment of sales with the status "In debt". The list will show the employee who accepted the money, the date of receipt, the amount, as well as an active link to the sale.

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