08 Aug 2020

Since the release of the new version of the CARRO.Business system, we have implemented a large number of updates. So that they do not go unnoticed, below we will tell you in detail about important updates:

1. Batch change of spare parts parameters

There are cases when it is necessary to change the parameters of a large number of spare parts, for example: setting discounts, prices, adding tags, changing the main warehouse, etc. Especially for this task, the batch editing functionality was developed. It works as follows: select the necessary spare parts with the checkboxes on the left (you can freely use filters, go to other pages, the selected spare parts are stored in memory). After the necessary spare parts have been selected, navigation will appear below the list with possible actions on the selected spare parts. When you click the "Edit" button, an editing form will open, with which you can quickly enter the necessary data into all previously selected spare parts (image below)

Read more about batch changing parameters of spare parts in the documentation https://carrobiz.com/en/docs/instruments/batch-change

2. Copy applicability by original number

When adding an original number to a spare part, applicability is automatically copied from the previously added spare parts that have the same original number. For example, you previously had a spare part "Heater housing" with original number 9197019, and it was indicated applicability for BMW 5 F10, BMW 7, BMW 5 E60. After you add a new part with the same original part number 9197019, the applicability will be copied automatically. The same happens with the update of applicability, for example, if you add applicability in one spare part "Stove heater" with the original number 9197019, then it will be added to all heaters with this original number.

3. Uploading to advertising platforms and personal website

Added the ability to automatically upload to the advertising platform zzap.ru, now it is available in the "Export" section. Also, it became possible to manage the unloading of spare parts and car kits to a personal website from site.carro.by, it is located in the same "Export" section.

4. Ability to select the type of article generator

Added the ability to select the types of automatically generated SKUs. Previously, the articles were built based on the type of spare part, its nesting, as well as belonging to the vehicle kit. If this is not necessary, you can use the simplified option and use the auto-generation of digital articles. To do this, in the settings, switch the "Article Generator" to the required type.

5. Additional changes

1. For those who do not keep inventory records using QR codes and address storage, the "Half location" field has been added for convenient and easy entry of information about the location of the spare part in the warehouse.

2. Set up a default warehouse for the user. In the profile of each user, it became possible to specify the default warehouse. If you set it, then when the current user adds a spare part, the "Warehouse" field will already be filled in automatically, it works the same way in the application.

3. Changed the body type "Hatchback" to "Hatchback 5 doors". Now there is a division into 3 and 5-door hatchbacks. Same with SUVs. If necessary, we advise you to review the types of bodies on the available spare parts.

4. In the "Search by parameters" it became possible to search for several cars (brands, models, generations) at the same time.

Updated app for Android and iOS

1. Parallel photo upload

In the updated application, parallel loading of photos now works. Now, when adding a spare part, there is no need to wait for the photos to be uploaded to the server, the application allows you to continue working in the application, the photos are loaded in the background and do not interfere with work.

2. Possibility to make a sale using a shopping cart, a new section with sales

There was a possibility of registration of sale through the application on Android and IOS, and also the printing of accompanying documents through Google Cloud Printer in the automatic mode. The possibility of "selling on credit" and working with operations on debt have also been moved.

3. Changing the statuses of the spare part

Now, using the mobile application, you can publish, write off and process returns.

4. Adding a short video to the part

Now, through the application, you can shoot and save a short video about the spare part. At the moment, no site has the ability to upload a video about the spare part, soon this opportunity will appear on CARRO

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